Google Fiber Sends Lucrative Invites To Oklahoma City, Tampa, Jacksonville

Someday people will look back and wonder how we ever managed to navigate the Internet at anything less than 1Gbps. To that future generation, sub-1Gbps downloads (and uploads) will look as pedestrian as dial-up does to us today. We're not there yet, but Google is determined to make that future a reality by continually expanding its fiber-optic network.

It's only available in a handful of locations, though Google is always exploring new places to infiltrate. Three that it thinks show promise just received an invite to start looking into things to see if Google Fiber would be a good fit. They include a pair of locations in Florida -- Jacksonville and Tampa -- and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Google Fiber Map

"These growing tech-hubs have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to small business growth. Their list of accolades is long—from Jacksonville’s title as a top 10 city for tech jobs, to Tampa Bay’s No. 2 spot on the list of best cities for young entrepreneurs, to Oklahoma City’s recognition as the No. 1 city to launch a business," Google stated in a blog post. "One of our goals is to make sure speed isn't an accidental ceiling for how people and businesses use the web, and these cities are the perfect places to show what’s possible with gigabit Internet."

Receiving an invite doesn't mean an automatic pass into the wonderful world of Google Fiber. It's up to the city planners of each location to work with Google to explore the opportunity and come up with a game plan. Things like local infrastructure and housing density will help determine if Google Fiber is a viable option.

In total, there are now 18 metro areas where Google Fiber is either already in operation, being built out, or in the exploration phase.