Google Fiber Installations Kick Off in Kansas City, The Rest of the World Remains Envious

If you don't live in either one of the two Kansas Citys, get ready to be ridiculously envious. Google has just posted on its official Google Fiber blog that installations of its 1Gbit/s Internet service have now begun, with houses that opted for the service automatically being prepared for it. In a video explaining the entire process to potential customers, Google notes that after the preparation, it will leave a note on the door to tell you so. Not long after, a Google representative will contact you and setup a time and date to get the installation underway.

According to the video, getting fiber into your home will be little different than any other communications line. Google will provide the device that accepts the fiber line from the outside and converts the data into something your computer can understand. Unlike a typical LAN cable, the fiber cable is very thin, so the hole running through the wall can be tinier than what we're used to seeing.

Post-install, the Google Fiber rep will discuss all of the various devices required to make things work, including the special Google-branded 1Gbit/s router and also the "Storage Box" DVR and Nexus 7 tablet, should you opt for the cable service.

While this video does well to explain the entire process to customers, all it does for those outside of Kansas City is make them weep for their inability to get the service. And as if the service couldn't be any more attractive, Google at the last minute improved the TV channel selection, adding a bunch of sports and educational channels.

While the rollout is currently very limited, Google sure does seem to be doing a lot right here. I can't remember the last time a tech product was unveiled that had this much demand from pretty-much everyone.