Google Fiber, Eat Your Heart Out: CenturyLink is Upgrading Omaha to Gigabit Internet

Make all the jokes you want about Nebraska, but that state knows college football, beef, corn, and living the good life, and now its largest city (which is a rapidly growing area, by the way) will be one of the precious few metropolitan areas in the country with gigabit Internet.

ISP CenturyLink announced today that it will be piloting a fiber network that will deliver gigabit speeds to some 48,000 homes and businesses on the west side of Omaha. CenturyLink already has a fiber network there, and the company will upgrade it to fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology to allow for the high Internet speed.

Omaha, Nebraska skyline

Those using the service will also have access to CenturyLink’s enterprise-class 100 Gbps global network, which is built to handle big data, cloud services, and other demanding tasks. The rollout is starting next week, with a complete date sometime in early October.

CenturyLink joins the likes of the quaintly named Vermont Telephone Company in offering gigabit speeds to new areas. What was that we were saying before about how Google Fiber will challenge existing ISPs to do better?

Update: According to, customers can get the gigabit service, which will be dubbed "Lightspeed Broadband", for $79.95 per month when bundled with other CenturyLink services, or $149.95 all on its own.