Google Fiber Could Be Coming Soon to Provo, Utah

Google announced that the next lucky locale to get Google Fiber service will be Provo, Utah. Instead of starting from scratch and building the infrastructure, the company is in the process of purchasing iProvo, which is a pre-existing fiber-optic network, from the city of Provo.

That network, however, is over a decade old, so Google will have to perform upgrades and also finish building out the network to reach all the homes along the network route. There’s one catch, though: the city council has to vote on it. “Our agreement with Provo isn’t approved yet—it’s pending a vote by the City Council scheduled for next Tuesday, April 23, and also is subject to satisfaction of additional closing conditions,” reads a Google Fiber blog post. “We intend to begin network upgrades when the deal is closed.”

Google Fiber Network Box

Unless the Provo city council is insane, the measure will be approved.

Google says that customers can expect service starting late this year--which is several months sooner than Austin, Texas will get it--and it will offer all the same options that Kansas City has received--free 5Mbps Internet for 7 years, gigabit Internet for $70 a month, or gigabit Internet plus TV service for $120 a month.