Google Fiber Brings 1Gbps Internet To Stanford Residents... For Free

Google made quite the deal about selecting Kansas City, Kansas (and eventually, the Kansas City everyone knows over in Missouri) to be its first major consumer test market for Google Fiber, but there's another small town in America taking part in the trial: Stanford. Being so close to Google's California headquarters didn't hurt, and of course, having one of the most well-respected schools on the planet there probably didn't hurt either. According to some residents of the town, the 1Gbps broadband service is now being rolled out, totally free for a year, as Google takes those 12 months to analyze what it's like to be an ISP.

Reportedly, the service is still being rolled out, mostly in communities where the faculty of the school reside. Evidently, some residents are thrilled with the improvement over the old AT&T service, and we can only imagine what AT&T executives are saying about the new competition. We suspect it's not kid-friendly, though. First comes Stanford, then KC -- who's next on the major broadband upgrade list?
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