Google Fiber Arrives In Charlotte With New Data Plans Aimed At Tech Savvy Small Businesses

charlotte google fiber
Google is really starting to make some inroads with its Fiber high-speed internet service, and the latest city to “see the light” is Charlotte, North Carolina. Google announced this week that residents in the Highland Creek neighborhood will be the first residents eligible to sign up for one of three plans: Fiber 1000 + TV, Fiber 1000, or the entry-level Fiber 100 (priced at $130/month, $70/month, and $50/month respectively).

And in an effort to bring high-speed internet to the “most digitally divided areas,” Google will offer a 25 Mbps version of its service for $15 a month. Residents that live in public or affording housing buildings perhaps get the best deal of all — full gigabit internet speeds at absolutely no charge.

But that’s not all that Google had to offer with its Charlotte announcement; the company is also introducing new data plans aimed specifically at small businesses. The three small business plans offer speeds of 100 Mbps ($70/month), 250 Mbps ($100/month) and 1 Gbps ($250/month).

google fiber SMB

No matter which plan you select, you’ll receive a network box with gigabit routing and firewall protection along with 13 static IP addresses at no additional cost. In addition, Google’s support team is open 24-7 to address any snags that you may run into with the service.

Small business in the Charlotte area will be the first eligible to sign up for one of the three new plans. If you’d like to see if service is available at your location, you can use this handy tool from Google.

Google also hasn’t forgotten about small businesses that joined the Early Access program, with Google Fiber Product Manager John Shriver-Blake writing, “Eligible small businesses in Kansas City, Provo, Austin, and Nashville will have until July 31st to sign up under the Early Access program. Beginning August 1st, 2016, they’ll be able to choose from one of our new plans or keep their Early Access plan and pricing for a full year.”

Now if only Google could hurry up and get Fiber service up and running in the Raleigh-Durham area…