Google Fiber 1Gbps Broadband Service Goes Live in Kansas City

Residents of Kansas City are a lucky bunch. How so? Well, they're getting first crack at Google's insanely fast and shockingly affordable Google Fiber Internet and TV service, which offers a connection speed around 100 times faster than the average broadband in other parts of the country.

For those who want strictly Internet service, Google Fiber runs $70/month plus a $300 construction fee, which is waived if you sign a 1-year service agreement. In return, Kansas City residents get access to blazing fast 1Gbps downloads and uploads. There's also a free tier available that runs at a much more pedestrian 5Mbps downstream / 1Mbps upstream, albeit you either have to cough up the $300 construction fee or pay $25/month for 12 months, so it's not truly 'free'.

Google Fiber TV and Internet

A third (and final) tier bundles gigabit Internet service with HD TV service. It runs $120/month, and it too requires a $300 construction fee, which residents can waive by signing a 2-year service agreement. The Gigabit + TV bundle sports a full channel TV lineup and comes with a Nexus 7 tablet, TV set-top box, a network box, and a 1TB Google Drive in the cloud.

If you don't live in Kansas City, don't be jealous, just be active in spreading the word. Where Google takes its Fiber service next depends entirely on where the most pre-register signups occur.