Google Fast Pair To Seamlessly Sync Bluetooth Info Across Android And Chromebook Devices

Like it or not, the world is trending towards completely wireless solutions, or at least that is the direction some hardware makers are intent on going. As such, Google developed a set of specs called Fast Pair to make it easier to connect Bluetooth headsets and speakers to Android devices. Fast Pair is an involving standard, with Google having now added the ability to sync data across a user's Google account.

"Today, we're making it easier for people to connect Fast Pair compatible accessories to devices associated with the same Google Account. Fast Pair will connect accessories to a user's current and future Android phones (6.0+), and we're adding support for Chromebooks in 2019," Google stated on its developers blog.

If you're not familiar with Fast Pair, Google introduced the set of specs around this time a year ago. It's a syncing specification that uses Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) in conjunction with an Android device's location to automatically discover Bluetooth gear in close proximity, which users can sync with a single tap. The idea is to provide a "stress-free Bluetooth pairing' experience for Android devices.

Fast Pair scans for and detects nearby devices, then sends a packet to Google's servers to fetch the paired device's name, product image, and companion app (if there is one). It then pings the user with a high priority notification asking them to "Tap to pair" the device, with the notification displaying the product's name and image.

"Users get a seamless and secure pairing experience and confidence that they're connecting to the right product. Manufacturers get their brand, device name and companion app in front of the users," Google said at the time.

Fast Pair gave Google an answer to the easy and seamless pairing that exists with Apple's AirPods and iPhone handsets. Initially, Fast Pair hit the scene with Google's own Pixel Buds, and has since expanded to other peripherals.

More devices are still be added, too. Google says we can expect a bunch more over the coming months, including products from Anker, Bose, Jaybird, and many more.