Google Enables Android Pay Support Within Mobile Apps

android pay banner
Android Pay was one of the key pillars of Google’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. As the successor to Google Wallet, it allows you to store your credit card credentials on your smartphone, making it a breeze to authenticate purchases with “tap and pay” using your fingerprint to authorize the transaction.

Today, Google extended Android Pay’s reach to include in-app purchases (similar in concept to what’s currently available with Apple Pay within supported iOS apps). This extension of the Android Pay system allows you to easily checkout within your favorite apps without needing to whip out your credit card (not all of use can remember account numbers, expirations dates, and CVV codes for our many credit cards).

android pay in app stores

“No more errors thanks to clumsy thumbs. Just tap the Android Pay button in the app, confirm your information, and you’re done,” said Android Pay Director Pali Bhat. “And just like your purchases in stores, Android Pay never shares your card details with merchants.”

In-app Android Pay purchases are currently supported in apps like Lyft, OpenTable, and JackThreads. And if you’re the type that needs some extra incentive to to try out new things, Google has teamed up with its launch partners to offer some discounts — these include $10 off at DoorDash, $10 off a Lyft ride and $20 off an OpenTable booking.

In addition, Google is also expanding Android Pay to an additional international destination: Australia. Google says that Android Pay will arrive in the Land Down Under beginning in the first half of 2016, and that it will hook up with major banks including Westpac and ANZ.

“We’ll be adding more countries throughout 2016,” Bhat continued. “This was a big year for Android Pay, and we're excited about what's to come.”