Google Earth Discovers Pair of Lost Egyptian Pyramids

Score one for technology and notch another mark on Google Earth's belt buckle, which may have stumbled upon two Egyptian pyramids that haven't been seen by human eyeballs for thousands of years. One of the remarkable images shows a complex site with a distinct four-sided structure in the shape of a pyramid, while the other shows four mounds with a triangle-shaped plateau.

Satellite archaeology researcher Angela Micol of Maiden, North Carolina discovered the ancient sites via Google Earth, both of which have been verified as undiscovered by Egyptologist and pyramid expert Nabil Selim. According to Selim, the smaller 100-foot mounds at one of the sites look an awful lot like the 13th Dynasty Egyptian pyramids, provided a square base can be discovered.

Pyramid Imagery

One of the sites is located about 1.5 miles southeast of Dimai, an ancient town founded in the third century B.C. that was built on top of an earlier neolithic settlement. A mudbrick wall up to 32 feet high in some places surrounds the town. The other site is in Upper Egypt, about 12 miles from Abu Sidhum that runs along the Nile River.