Google Drive Coming Soon To The Cloud Storage Race, Says 'Oopsie' Video

Google Drive. Go ahead and get used to the name, because you'll be hearing about it quite frequently in the coming weeks. Google has largely avoided the cloud storage race thus far, leaving iCloud, SkyDrive, Dropbox and the rest to tend to their own fields. But soon, that playground will have another rival on it, and Google will be delivering "Drive" to the mix. Rumors have been running wild for months that Drive was en route, and now the evidence is unquestionable. In a recent video from Google featuring the Android Developer Relations team, a "Handy Scanner" app is previewed on camera. But when they go to share a PDF, one of the options of the dev phone (running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich) is "Drive." It's between Bluetooth and Dropbox on the phone, and it's definitely a logo that isn't showing up on any ICS phone today.

What will Drive encompass? Hard to say, but Google's not afraid to give people gobs of space. Android users are likely to benefit the most, but hopefully Windows Phone, BlackBerry and iOS will get Drive-friendly apps in the future. Hopefully we'll be learning more about what exactly Google intends to offer in the weeks ahead; with iCloud already making an impact, they've got a tough act to follow. Come to think of it, this set up sounds a lot like Google Music following iTunes In The Cloud. Nothing like a little friendly competition...

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