Google Doodle Gets All Sweet On You With Love Stories For Valentine’s Day

Today being Valentine's Day, Google wants to help you believe in the concept of "love" again by getting all mushy-gushy with its interactive Doodle. When you visit Google's homepage, you'll see half a dozen candy hearts inscribed with "Crush," "Mr. Right," "First Kiss," "4ever Yours," "Puppy Luv," and "Blind Date." Each one is ready to tell a story.

Just click on your candy heart of choice and it will start playing a clip from public radio's podcast "This American Life." The heart flips over and plays an animation that correlates with the short story being told. Click on Mr. Right, for example, and you'll hear a woman recount how she woke up with a "heavy heart" and "huge doubt" the morning after getting married. She slipped out of bed and went for a walk in the morning to clear her head and didn't go home until night time. She returned to a worried husband who had called the police thinking she got lost.

Google Doodle

"I thought, 'Well he's a good man and I should give it a try.' So, that was 42 years ago and since then I have never questioned...never," she recounts.

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It's those kinds of stories that will either melt your heart or make you barf, depending on your level of cynicism and what your most recent relationship was like. If you fall into the former category, head over to Google's homepage and give the hearts a listen. While you're there, you'll find a hyperlink underneath the search box that allows you to send a short animation from Disney's Blank with a message attached.

Those of you who threw up a little in your mouth after reading the above story, you can treat today as a day of savings. Coupon codes are all over the place, such as the anti-Valetine's Day code SCREW214 that gets you free shipping at iFixIt's website.