Google Docs Now Allowing 1GB Of Free Cloud Storage

Google has done it again. And when we say "it again," we mean "set a new bar for everyone else to jump over." For years now, online storage has been hit or miss, particularly the free variety. There are numerous services that charge a monthly rate to store your files online, but few of these are gratis. And those that are, generally don't work well or are loaded with pop-up ads. Basically, it's tough to share large files online without paying for a service such as MobileMe, but leave it to Google to solve a problem that has plagued the entire Internet for far too long.

But Google Documents has been slowing maturing behind the scenes, and now it's just about ready for primetime. Aside from storing documents and allowing users to create spreadsheets, documents and more, Google Docs is now able to host 1GB of any file type for free, and you can share those files with as many users as you want (also for free). The service was created just to make sharing documents and the like a lot easier, helping to get people off of those desktop Office suites (and the e-mailing of documents back and forth) and instead onto cloud-based alternatives.

But as of today, Google Docs storage allows basically any file to be stored and shared with anyone, giving everyone with a Google account access to 1GB of free, no strings attached storage. Thanks Google, we owe you one. Or two. Or more.