Google Docs Adding 'Cloud Storage' Capabilities--Your Hard Drive In The Sky

If you've an avid PC user, and you dig the Internet, you've probably run across this problem before. You've got a file that's too big to send over email, and the idea of mailing a physical disc or USB stick in the mail just turns you off. The solution? Up until now, only a few sites out there (MegaUpload and, to name a couple) were available to help, but they certainly have limitations. Now, Google is altering its strategy for Google Docs in order to help out.

Over the next few weeks, the company intends to roll out the "ability to upload, store and organize any type of file in Google Docs." After the change, you'll be able to "upload and access your files from any computer," essentially giving you a hard drive in the cloud. The best part is the Google name, which ensures that you'll face no pop-ups and weird banners when uploading and downloading your files from Google's servers.

The new system will allow users to upload any file whatsoever to Google's servers so long as it's under 250MB. Each user gets 1GB of free storage for files that aren't converted to Google Docs format, and more space can be purchased for $0.25/GB per year. This setup is a dream come true for group projectors and corporate shuffling of Excel files, and we're eager to see the day where storage space becomes so cheap that Google removes the per-year GB limit.