Google Docs Add Shared Folders

Still want the cloud to be your only repository of data despite the recent Sidekick fiasco? Well, on Monday Google made sharing of Google Docs easier with the introduction of (finally) Shared Folders.

Shared Folders are just what it sounds like: rather than having to share individual files, you can set up a folder to share with a colleague and stick as many files into it as you please. This was probably the most requested feature for Google Docs.

Additional features announced on Monday:
  • Multiple file upload
  • Restored the "items not in folders" feature
  • Modified the UI
As Google continues to add more features to its Docs service, Microsoft and its upcoming Web Apps are going to face some serious competition. Or rather, Web Apps, since it will be the newcomer, may have a hard time making a dent in Goggle Docs share.

For us, however, it's all about compatibility. Google Docs is still not there, but it's closer than it was and almost compatible enough for us to make the switch.