Google Users Can Now Control And Delete Their Data Directly From Google Search

With the new EU laws in place regarding personal data use, more and more major tech firms are giving users outside Europe the ability to see what personal data is being collected about them and what that data is used for. Apple recently made changes to its privacy page giving users in the U.S. access to the same tools that users in the EU have access to for seeing what data is used. Google has now announced that it is making it easier for users to understand and control their data from directly within its products.

google privacy

Google rolled out the first step for privacy and security earlier this year when it says it put that information front and center; now the search giant is making easier for users to see how their data is used from directly inside Google products, starting with Search. Google has made it so that users can review and delete their most recent Search activity, access privacy controls in the Google Account, and learn more about how Search works with the data you provide. Access to all that information is available without having to leave Search from within the menu opened when the three horizontal bars in the top left corner of mobile search is clicked.

Before this change was made, the only way to access your data and see how it is used was via your Google Account. This new access also allows users to control Ad Settings and access Activity Controls to see what information Google saves to your account, and what Google uses to make search and other Google services "faster, smarter, and more useful."

Google says that this new feature for Google Search is available on desktop and for the mobile web as of today. The same features will come to the Google app for iOS and Android in the coming weeks. Easier access and better control over your data is coming to other Google products; next on the list is Maps with Google saying that update will start to roll out next year and other Google products will be updated after that.