Google Considering Home Security Play With Possible Acquisition of Dropcam

You had to expect that Google had more in mind than trendy home thermostats when it acquired Nest Labs in February. Word is trickling in that Google’s Nest unit is now planning to acquire Dropcam, maker of Internet-connected webcams. There’s no official word yet on a possible sale.

The Dropcam. The company was recently acquired the Nest division of Google.
Dropcam's Wi-Fi connected webcam

It’s easy to see why Nest likes Dropcam, but it’s a little less apparent how the scrappy security webcam startup would fit into Google’s advertising-oriented business. Dropcam is known for making $150 cameras that connect to your home’s wireless network and stream video to your phone and other devices. It’s not surprising that Nest would see the appeal of another Internet-connected version of a common product (in this case, the home monitoring cam). Nest’s recent misstep with its Wi-Fi smoke and CO detectors seems to have had little impact on its image with consumers, so it remains in a good position to build Google’s side-interest in home automation technology into a competitor for Apple's rumored home automation products.