Google Connects Businesses And Brands With Android Users Via RCS Multimedia Text Messages

Google has announced a new way that it is connecting people and businesses using RCS (Rich Communication Services) with the goal of bringing enhanced features to standard messaging services on mobile devices with various carriers. Google is working with 43 carriers and device manufacturers to enhance native messaging for all Android users. One of the tricks Google is working on is RCS business messaging and that service has taken off well for Google with the search giant stating that companies across the food, travel, retail, and delivery services in the U.S. and Mexico are having better conversations with customers thanks to this service.


The brands are all participating in RCS business messaging via the Early Access Program. RCS lets these businesses send out interactive messages to their customers. This means that delivery companies are able to send out tracking numbers via RCS while travel companies can send out trip confirmations with more style and visual impact than a normal text message.

Google wrote, "With RCS, businesses can send more useful and interactive messages to their customers. This means, for example, that a retailer can send beautiful images of their products, rather than a text message, and even let the customer select and buy something, all without leaving the messaging app. Best of all, customers who have already opted in to SMS messages from a business get this upgraded experience automatically in Android Messages."

In the U.S., Google has been collaborating with Sprint on campaigns for brands like Subway and working with messaging partners like Twilio, 3C, and others. In Mexico, Google is working with Telcel and will roll out campaigns in that country soon in partnership with 5 Piso, Broxel, DHL Mexico, and others. Google plans to roll out RCS messaging to businesses in more regions in the coming months and has some demonstrations set to kick off at Mobile World Congress next week. RCS will also enable texting from any device, including your computer via a browser.