Google Confirms It’s Pulling The Plug On Project Ara Modular Smartphone Program

project ara parts

Google's Project Ara was ambitious from the start. The goal of Project Ara was to produce a modular smartphone platform, that could updated, upgraded, or augmented, by simply snapping new components in place. The concept seemed like a good idea. If your phone's performance was up to snuff, but you wanted a better camera, simply replace the camera module. Or if you wanted better performance, a more powerful SoC module would be an option. On some levels, it would be like updating a PC.

Project Ara had been trudging along for a few years now. Google even cozied up to a handful of hardware partners, and bootable, somewhat functional devices have already been shown. There were grumblings that Project Ara's days were numbered, which we have already reported on, but it seems Google has now confirmed that Project Ara is dead.

project ara spine

Citing two unnamed sources with knowledge of the situation, Reuters is reporting that despite announcing a host of hardware partners only a few months ago in May, Google has shelved the project. According to the report, Google no longer has plans to release a Project Ara-based device itself, but some of its hardware partners may still be interested, and may bring hardware to market in some form, or at least license some of the technology.

Google hasn't publicly commented just yet, however.  We expect to have additional details this coming week.