Google Completes Nest Acquisition, New 'Internet Of Things' Wave Begins

Google’s quest to purchase Nest, maker of smart, connected thermostats and smoke detectors, is complete. The search giant’s $3.2 acquisition has been approved, per a Google regulatory filing.

The move brings Nest and all of its human resources, most notably former Apple senior VP Tony Fadell, under the Google umbrella, and it portends much more than just really cool thermostats. Google will use Nest to pursue connected devices, and it could lead to huge growth of new connected devices--which we now call the Internet of Things (IoT).

Nest smoke detector

Google has already demonstrated an interest in smart devices with its self-driving car program, and moving into our homes in a more integrated (intrusive?) way makes plenty of sense,too. The possibilities for smart appliances and control over various house functions in a connected home are limited only by the imagination.

The Nest folks have the chops to help Google move into this new realm of products and services, but for as eagerly we await the technological treasures that Google will no doubt create, we must be mindful. Anything that is connected can be hacked, and as we’ve already seen, IoT devices don’t necessarily come equipped with the same sort of security our computers enjoy--or any security at all, for that matter.

The wave of IoT products and service is exciting, but companies like Google need to put as much effort and R&D into building in adequate security, too.