Google Coach Rumored To Take Wear OS AI Assisted Fitness To The Next Level

AI is being integrated into everything from speakers that are placed around your home to smartphones, cars, and wearables today. One of the places that AI assistance can have a big impact on the lives of users is when it comes to health. Wearables running Wear OS and the Apple Watch already can detect early warning signs of very serious health conditions like diabetes. Google is working on something, according to a new rumor, that will take AI-assisted health and fitness to the next level.

LG Watch Sport

This system is called Google Coach (known as Project Wooden internally) and it will be more than an exercise tracker and go well beyond what Google Fit currently offers according to reports. Google Coach aims to leverage data about you to offer health and fitness data proactively. It could do things like recommend workout routines, track progress, and recommend alternatives for missed workouts. When Coach determines you are at the gym, it can log activity and then use that data for future workouts.

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Other cool features of Coach will help users to maintain their eating plan no matter where they are. Google Coach would know what restaurant you are in and then recommend meals that help you stick to your plans. If you cook at home the AI would be able to help you generate a weekly meal plan and put together a shopping list and then shoot that information to your email. The AI would also be able to figure out how many meals to plan by checking the calendar.

With Google Coach able to touch so many aspects of your life some might fear constant beeping notifications from your device. To prevent overload for users, Coach would combine a bunch of notifications into one. It could, for instance, remind you to take medication, drink more water, and walk more to reach a step goal all in one notification. Initially Google Coach will land for Wear OS devices, but eventually, it could expand to other Google ecosystem devices like Android TV, Google Home and more.