Google Chromecast Teardown Shows Amazing Little Device is Comprised of Essentially 4 Chips

Good golly, the iFixit folks are fast; just days after Google announced its Chromecast media streaming device, we already have a look inside the small dongle. It’s a simple device, really; there’s a small motherboard assembly inside the plastic case, and the motherboard itself has four chips on it.

iFixit Chromecast teardown
iFixit Chromecast teardown (credit: iFixit)

The colors have been added for clarity by iFixit, but the red one is an AzureWave 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FM combo chip, and the orange one is a Marvell DE3005-A1 SoC. On the other side, there’s a 16Gb (2GB) Micron NAND flash chip (yellow) and a low-power 1.35V 512MB DDR3L SDRAM chip, also from Micron (green).

iFixit Chromecast teardowniFixit Chromecast teardown
iFixit Chromecast teardown (credit: iFixit)

Other than the above, there’s only the HDMI plug, an aluminum heatsink, and the USB charging port. Perhaps oddly, the Chromecast needs to be charging via this port, so you actually need to plug the thing in.