Google Chromecast Receives $15 Ethernet Adapter Option

The Google released an Ethernet adapter for its Chromecast this week. The little adapter will save the day for anyone who picked up the wireless TV streaming device, only to discover that the Wi-Fi connection near the TV is spotty.

Chromecast ethernet adapter 1

The device is a small, square unit that will be easy to tuck out of sight. It includes a short USB micro-B cable that connects the adapter to your Chromecast and has a single 10/100 Ethernet port. Grab an Ethernet cable, plug it into the adapter and your router (and plug the adapter in a power outlet), and you now have solid, fast connection for streaming video (If you’re still having problems with streaming after installing the adapter, it might be time to reassess your Internet provider’s download speeds).

Of course, adding Ethernet connectivity won’t do you much good if you bought the Chromecast for a TV that’s far from your router. In fact, Google lists “Home network router with available Ethernet port near TV,” as one of the adapter’s requirements. But if you use the Chromecast to give presentations, having an Ethernet adapter in your bag could save you some trouble.

Chromecast ethernet adapter 2

Google released the adapter quietly, but that apparently didn’t stop the device from selling out. When it’s available again, you’ll be able to solve your streaming problem for $15. At the moment, the Chromecast Ethernet adapter appears to be available just at the Google Store, but it seems like the sort of accessory that will turn up at the likes of Amazon and Newegg.