Google Chrome 75 Lands For Windows, Mac, Linux and Android With Reader Mode And Scroll Snap

Google has rolled out its newest version of its Chrome internet browser, which is now up to Chrome 75 (Build Chrome 75.0.3770.80). You can either wait for the browser to automatically update on its own, if you can force an update by going to Settings -> Help -> About Google Chrome.

There are a few new features that have been introduced for the Windows, Mac and Linux versions of Chrome 75 including a new Reader Mode. The feature isn't enabled by default and must be enabled using Chrome's experimental flags. To enable it, you'll need to plug the following text into the URL bar:


chrome 75 enable reader mode
You'll then see an option to Enable Reader Mode, which will require a restart after you invoke it. From there, when visiting a web page, you can click the Chrome dropdown menu button and choose Distill page. You'll then be presented with an optimized version of the page that puts your primary focus on just seeing the article text/images and nothing else.

google chrome 75 reader mode

A feature that is now enabled by default was noticed by 9to5Google, and it’s called Scroll Snap Stop. We're sure you've encountered an image carousel at some point on a website and got a little bit too overzealous with horizontal scrolling on your touch pad. With Scroll Snap Stop, a quick scrolling gesture won't take you from the first image in a carousel to, for example, the fourth. It would instead scroll in succession from 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 stopping at each image no matter how vigorously you scroll.

A demo is available here to test out the feature (once you have Chrome 75 installed).

google chrome 75

If you're using the mobile version of Chrome 75, the browser on iOS will no longer open native apps when clicking on a link in Incognito move. This is being billed as a privacy protection for users. As for the Android version of Chrome 75, it has gained the ability to suggest a strong password when creating a new account.

In addition, Chrome 75 has addressed 42 security issues, when you can view in full here. Chrome 75 is rolling out to all desktop users now, while iOS and Android users can install the latest version through the App Store and Google Play Store respectively.