Google CEO Larry Page Reportedly Calls Samsung Exec On The Carpet Over Android Wear

You could see this one coming a mile a way.  Though Samsung is clearly Google's golden child when it comes to moving Android-powered smartphones, there's a distinct divide developing between the two when it comes to the latest "wearables" technology trend and even a hint of one in smartphones as well. Further, according to recent reports, apparently Google CEO Larry Page's patience is wearing thin and in a rather "tense" meeting with Samsung Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee, Page made it crystal clear that he is not happy with Samsung's lack of effort in developing Android Wear devices.  Instead, Samsung only currently offers Tizen-based wearable products like the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch.

Samsung sells more Android-based smartphones and tablets than all of Google's other manufacturing partners combined, so they certainly swing a big stick but Google is, well, Google.  Regardless, Samsung has been drawing Google and Page's ire as the company continues to heavily skin and buff the Android OS, offering features that replace some high level functionality of the software, while in tandem the company is developing Tizen-based wearable devices and even a low cost Tizen-based smartphone for emerging markets.  It's enough to make an 800 pound gorilla angry but when two 800 pound gorillas get into it, the fur can really fly.
Samsung's Galaxy Gear 2 Tizen-Powered Smartwatch
Samsung's Galaxy Gear 2 Tizen-Powered Smartwatch - Google Would Rather You Wear Android

It's hard to say how this road will twist and turn but obviously, Google can flex its influential muscle when so much of Samsung's revenue stream in tablets and smartphones is tied to the Android ecosystem.  Still, you can't blame Samsung for making an effort to keep their eggs spread across multiple baskets.  It just makes good business sense.  If I were a betting man (and really, I'm anything but), I would even venture to say you'll see Samsung cozying-up to Microsoft a bit more as well on the wearables and smartphones front.  Samsung would be smart not to pick a single horse, and of course going it alone with Tizen would be a long shot.  The likely course for Samsung to take would pretty much be what they're heading on now -- use Tizen for emerging markets and applications that need to maximize core cost and then finely tune efforts on what Google and Microsoft are doing in terms of software, infrastructure and ecosystem.

With that in mind, I'd have to agree with Page.  Samsung should be leading the party for Android Wear, but they're late and should, dare I say, get it in "gear."