Google CEO Larry Page Afflicted with Rare Vocal Cord Paralysis, Responds by Funding Research at the Voice Health Institute

Google CEO Larry Page is a rare man, having co-created Google with pal Sergey Brin and kept the company constantly evolving into one of the most important tech companies in history, but he also has a rare affliction: His vocal chords are partially paralyzed.

In a Google+ post, Page described how after a bad cold some 14 years ago, his voice became permanently hoarse, which was due to left vocal cord paralysis that may have been damaged by the virus he had. Although he was told that experiencing paralysis of the other vocal cord is extremely rare, last summer his right vocal cord became somewhat paralyzed after (another) bad cold.

Larry Page
Google CEO Larry Page

He writes that he’s essentially totally fine save for a soft, weak voice--he even says that aerobically he had little trouble even though breathing problems are a symptom of the paralysis. He may just be putting on a brave face, but in any case, he’s not playing the victim; instead, he’s facing his affliction the way you’d expect from one of the two original Googlers, with analytical curiosity and action-taking.

Page is funding a research program through the Voice Health Institute to look at ways to improve vocal cord nerve function. He went public with his health issues in order to solicit data-gathering for the project; if you or anyone you know has similar symptoms to Page’s and would like to take a patient survey, he provided a link:

We wish Larry Page the best of luck in his ongoing recovery and research efforts.