Google Camera 6.2 Software To Bring Cool New Tricks Like Cheetah Time Lapse And More

It has been a little over five months since Google has released an update for its Google Camera app. The latest update started to roll out this week to Pixel users. Google Camera 6.2 software includes a number of new features such as dark mode and preparations for upcoming features like the “Cheetah” time lapse.

With regards to “dark mode”, the app’s interface has always been black, but users would be faced with a white screen whenever they altered their settings. This white screen now comes off as more of a dark grey.

google camera dark mode
Google Camera "dark mode"-- Image from 9to5 Google

Users were initially greeted by a black screen when they transitioned between camera, video, portrait, and panorama. The latest update maintains a live camera feed between transitions. Users will now see a zoom animation instead of a boring black screen.

They have implemented a few minor changes as well. First, the audio recording toggle is now centered in Panorama mode. Previously the toggle had been placed in the top-left corner. Second, users will see a flash-icon when they turn-on their front-facing camera. Last, an overlay that states “Taking HDR+ enhanced photo” will appear when a user decides to take a HDR+ enhanced photo instead of a HDR+ photo. Prior to this update, there was a small delay when a user took a HDR+ enhanced photo. It was unclear whether this delay was always intentional.

google camera setting transition
Google Camera setting transitions

Google Camera also appears to be prepping for several upcoming features. Some users have found information about a Time Lapse mode, codenamed “Cheetah”, in the software code. This mode will allow users to record time lapses at faster speeds. The mode will also work well alongside Google’s existing Slow Motion mode. A Measure mode may also soon be available to users. This mode would help users to determine distance and elevation. A similar app already exists, but it is not currently built into the Camera.

Google’s various camera updates have generally been well received. This past November, it released Night Sight to help Pixel 3 owners take photos regardless of their lighting. Night Sight measures how much a person’s hand is shaking and how much motion is in the scene and adapts accordingly. We tested out the feature and and found that it brightened scenes without diminishing detail.

The latest Google Camera update is available for Pixel owners through the Google Play store. You can find it here.