Google Calendar Is Down With A Hard 404 Not Found

Google Calendar App
Tuesday is canceled, no work for anyone! Well, not quite. Reports around the globe indicate that Google Calendar is down. Users are being treated with a "Not Found, Error 404" message when trying to access their jam-packed schedules.

At this time, there is no indication of what is causing the error messages, or what people are doing in the meantime when their daily lives and work schedules are so dependent on Google Calendar. Is it unannounced maintenance from Google? Did Google experience some cascading hardware failure that lead to the service be knocked offline? Did Google experience a cyberattack that is affecting some systems?

Actually, there could be a simpler explanation. Yesterday, we reported on a new phishing campaign that is taking advantage of a vulnerability in Google Calendar to push notifications that prompt users to click through to tainted URLs. Google Calendar users are then asked to input credit card details and other personal information.

If this is actually a case of Google taking Google Calendar offline to address this issue, a little warning would have been nice beforehand.

We'll keep this article updated as we wait to get an official response back from Google.