Google Buys PushLife...For Use With Google Music?

Over the past few years, Google has seriously been on a roll of late. On a roll when it comes to acquisitions, that is. The company's latest acquisition is PushLife, a Canadian company that just so happens to be tightly linked with digital downloads on music. It's interesting timing to say the least; rumors have been furious of late regarding Google Music, a heretofore unannounced program that everyone's expecting to get official shortly.

PushLife started as a company in 2008, and they sought to build "immersive mobile experiences for people to play, organize, share and purchase digital content across multiple devices." We hate to read too far between the lines, but that surely sounds a lot like something that Google would put to use in a Google Music service. Neither PushLife nor Google is really coming clean on what the buy was for, but rumors have the purchase price at $25m. That's a lot of change to drop on a company that they aren't expecting big things from, and if Google plans to seriously rival iTunes and Amazon MP3, it'll take a monumental effort.

Hopefully we'll hear more on Google Music in short order, presumably with a bit of PushLife woven in.