Google Busts Out Android Apps for the Super Bowl

With the "Big Game" happening in just a couple of days, many of us have a bunch of last-minute things to tackle. There's the beer, snacks, extra chairs if you're hosting the party, beer, an address in case you're going out for a party, a clean jersey and of course, that one little thing every Super Bowl party needs: beer. With all of this to take care of, few have the time to scout out the best Super Bowl-related apps. Fortunately, Google has you covered - as long as you're an Android user, of course.

The company has just posted a list of nine "End Zone Essential" apps, many of which I can get behind myself. For those actually headed down to New Orleans (you lucky bugger), you can snatch the "Super Bowl XLVII Mobile Guide" which lists a ton of point-of-interests - literally anything going on around town having to do with the Super Bowl can be found right here.

Another free app is the "NFL Live Wallpaper", which you can see below. It pits you in center field with the crowd in the background wondering which app you're going to open up next. This app has been updated to feature a Super Bowl flag in the background, though you're able to purchase a modified design for whichever team you support. But be warned: this is an app that sells DLC, and if you don't purchase said DLC, you'll see occasional ads for it on the billboards in the background.

Other recommended apps include games NFL Pro 2013 and NFL Kicker 13, sports-tracking apps CBS Sportcaster and Sports Republic, and for those looking to make their food spread as good as the game itself, there's Recipe Search and Ratebeer. Oh - and let's not forget YouTube for re-watching the coolest commercials from the big game.

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