Google Busts Dell NDA

The sharp eyes in the forums at Notebook Review have come across some very interesting information regarding Dell's upcoming notebooks by using a simple search on Google. This search exposed a spreadsheet on Dell's FTP server that outlined in explicit detail the company's plans for launching their wave of Intel Core Solo and Core Duo notebooks. Taking a quick glimpse at the suggested MSRP's for these notebooks, mobile users can rejoice as it appears we'll be getting much more "bang for the buck" than we're used to.

Looking for more infos about new Dell notebooks? Just make a simple search on google by using the following keywords: dell + i6000 + core duo. Of course, you can see lot of links but if you are curious then you can find something definitively interesting on page 4! Download the Excel file hosted on It is very strange that Dell authorizes google to rank such a link!!!
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