Google Building Its Own Android Wear Smartwatches Codenamed Angelfish And Swordfish

So it seems that Google is probably, almost definitely and most likely working on a pair of Android Wear smartwatches of its own, according to a "reliable source" along with "confirmation of their existence from multiple sources" who spilled the beans to Android Police. On a scale of 1 to 10, the site's confidence level in the information obtained from its sources is a 9. Well alright them.

There's a lot of huffing and puffing over the sources and validity of the rumored wearables—several paragraphs, in fact—along with a disclaimer in case it turns out to be hogwash or Google cancels the project. But for now, the story is that Google's building a larger size, sporty model Android Wear smartwatch with features such as 4G LTE connectivity, GPS, and heart rating monitoring, and a smaller version without mobile data and GPS. Both will boast circular displays.

Android Wear Smartwatches
Google is said to be working in a pair of its own Android Wear smartwatches

The larger model is probably, almost assuredly codenamed Angelfish. Or perhaps not. Either way, we'll call it that for now. Angelfish is said to somewhat resemble the Moto 360 and LG's Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, but with visual flairs that help it stand out from both. They include visible lugs and a smooth chassis that curves at the point where the watch band and body meet.

There are three buttons on the Angelfish watch. They consist of a large, circular crown sitting in the center of the right side, and a pair of smaller and shorter circular buttons flanking it on the top and bottom. It's not yet known what those extra buttons might be used for.

Moving onto the smaller watch, Swordfish features the same basic shape as the PebbleTime Round, though without the big size display bezel and with a different arrangement of buttons. Instead, there's a single button, which also sits on the center of the right like the Anglefish.

Swordfish isn't as big as Angelfish—it has a 42mm diameter (compared to 43.5mm) and is 10.6mm thin (compared to 14mm). That's thinner than the Moto 360, though not quite as thin the Pebble Time Round, which checks in at 7.5mm.

Interestingly, Angelfish probably won't support Google's swappable MODE watch bands, as the design of the lugs and band don't appear compatible. However, Swordfish definitely will.

Other details, such as price and availability, are not yet known.