Google Brings Slick iOS-Like Gmail UI To Web App And Offline Gmail

A while back, Google ushered in a redesigned look for the Gmail app on iOS. And it wasn't just a polish; it was a full-fledged overhaul, and it was gorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that many wondered why Google's own Android version wasn't nearly as pretty. It's clear that Google has heard the praises, and now it's extending that view (and the new user interface) to the Gmail mobile web app as well as Gmail Office.

In other words, those accessing on their Android browser, iOS browser, BlackBerry browser or even Kindle Fire browser will be able to get a similar view to the refined iOS app. There's still no word on whether these overhauls are destined to hit the actual native apps of those respective platforms, but something tells us it's in the hopper. Give it a shot and let us know how your experience is in comments.