Google Brings Interactive Watch Faces And Translate Support To Android Wear

The Android Wear platform was pretty rad to begin with (kids these days still say "rad," right?), but now it's even better. To start with, Android Wear users now have access to three interactive watch faces. With just a simple tap, you can change your watch face's design, reveal more information, or launch a specific app, Google says.

One of the three new watch faces is called Bits. Choosing it gives you various information at a glance, everything from weather to unread email and upcoming meetings. These are displayed in up to half a dozen circles around the edge, with the time shown in a seventh circle in the middle of them all.

Android Wear Bits

You can also choose Under Armour, which is geared towards fitness gurus (tapping the watch face will show your step count, calories burned, and distance), and Together, which lets two people stay close throughout the day by turning the watch face into a space for sharing things like photos, emoji, and your activities.

In addition to interactive watch faces, Google is launching Google Translate on all Android Watch devices. It's built into the latest Android Wear software update, allowing you to have bilingual conversations even if you don't have Google Translate on your phone. It also works if you're away from your phone but connected via Wi-Fi.

Some of you will see these additions right away. If not, hang tight -- Google says its over-the-air (OTA) Android Wear software update will roll out to all devices in the coming weeks.