Google Brings 2-Step Verification To 150 Nations

Can there be too much security? If looking at America's airports, the answer is probably "yes," but if when considering online activities, the answer is probably "no." Google security engineers understand that, as they've had their fair share of security backlashes the past few years.

A few months ago, the search company rolled out 2-step verification for select regions of the world as an enhanced security measure. Clearly, the new feature has been a hit, as this week Google is rolling it out (almost) worldwide in 40 languages. 2-step verification that helps protect Google Accounts from threats like password compromise and identity theft. By entering a one-time verification code from a phone after entering a password, users can make it much tougher for others to gain access to their account. 

The feature is hitting 150 nations right now, and Google recommends that users in those lands consider using it to keep their credentials from being easily swiped.

Tags:  Google, security