Google Brings 100 Virtual Keyboards To Gmail; Supports Typing In 75 Languages

Communication can be hard, particularly if you and the person you're trying to speak to don't speak the same language. Google's language tools have been making it a little easier for years, but now some of that translation magic is sliding over to Gmail. The company has just added over 100 virtual keyboards, transliteration and IMEs—collectively called input tools—in Gmail. These tools enable you to type in the language and keyboard layout you’re accustomed to, making it easy to keep in touch with family, friends and coworkers from any computer. You can even switch between languages with one click. To try it out, check the box next to Enable input tools under Language in Settings. With these new virtual keyboards, Gmail supports typing in 75 languages—a big jump from the five languages that were initially supported in 2009. So, what pen pal are you picking up now that language isn't an issue?