Google Beta Testing Same Day Delivery For Online Shoppers

Decades from now, generation delta-zeta squared, or whatever it will be called, will giggle at your stories of how you used to purchase items on the Internet and wait several days for delivery. When you think about it, online shopping is still in its infancy, and the lack of instant gratification -- being able to purchase an item and use it immediately -- is the biggest advantage brick-and-mortar stores have over the Web. But for how long?

The Internet is starting to trend towards same-day delivery, and even Google is getting in on the action. The search juggernaut reportedly kicked off a pilot program in San Francisco in which it has teamed up with local businesses and vendors to deliver products the same day they were ordered online. Rather than wait days, or even weeks, online shoppers in San Francisco only have to occupy themselves for up to a few hours before their item lands on their doorstop.

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Image Source: Flickr (Mark Turnauckas)

Google isn't trying to become the next Amazon, and it has no intentions of running its own warehouses or becoming a delivery service. The company is simply trying to bridge the gap that currently exists between online shopping and same-day delivery, and it's a win-win situation. Brick-and-mortar stores are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with the convenience and affordability of shopping online. By teaming up with Google to offer same-day delivery, they can remain relevant in an online landscape, and consumers can support their local establishments from the comfort of their couch.

What isn't entirely clear is Google's angle in all of this. Perhaps the search giant envisions taking a cut of sales it helps foster, or maybe it's merely a matter of more adsense dollars, since online shoppers would access these businesses via Google.