Google Backtracks On Huawei Android License Block, Offers 90-Day Extension

The rollercoaster ride for Huawei continues. Earlier this week, we reported that Google was the first to pull the rug from under the Chinese smartphone powerhouse following guidance from the Trump Administration. Under new rules, without a license, Huawei's future devices would not have access to the Android OS, Android updates, the Google Play Store, or first-party Google apps.

Yesterday, other American companies -- including Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom -- piled on by suspending business operations with Huawei. Today, it appears that Huawei has been given a temporary reprieve thanks to the U.S. Commerce Department granting Huawei a new 90-day license to give mobile phone companies and telecoms a chance to make arrangements to find new suppliers.

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With the new license, Google and Huawei will continue to work together through August 19th, and Huawei phones will still receive Android updates and have access to the Google Play Store.

“Keeping phones up to date and secure is in everyone’s best interests and this temporary license allows us to continue to provide software updates and security patches to existing models for the next 90 days,” said a Google spokesperson.

Understandably, Huawei has taken issue with the U.S. government's insistence on adding it to the "Entity List", which is a group of companies deemed to be a threat to national security interests. After the initial ban was reported, a Huawei spokesman stated, "Huawei has made substantial contributions to the development and growth of Android around the world. As one of Android’s key global partners, we have worked closely with their open-source platform to develop an ecosystem that has benefitted both users and the industry.

"We will continue to build a safe and sustainable software ecosystem, in order to provide the best experience for all users globally.”

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei today spoke with Chinese state media, sounding much like Darth Vader, stating, "The current actions by American politicians underestimated our power."

Huawei is currently firmly positioned in second place behind Samsung when it comes to the top global smartphone manufacturers.