Google Authenticator Update for iPhone Misfires, Causes Login Headaches

If you’ve been avoiding signing up for Google’s two-token authentication system because you thought the inconvenience outweighed the extra security for your Google account, you’re probably feeling pretty smug about now. An update today for the Google Authenticator iPhone app wiped out user data for two-token authentication, prompting some angst on Twitter. Google quickly pulled the app from the iTunes so it can fix the issue without it affecting additional users. 

Twitter Feed of User Complaints About Google Authenticator App for iPhone

Because the app can be used to provide security for other online services, some users who installed the update found that they no longer had the data necessary to log them into services such as Dropbox and Evernote. Re-syncing solves the problem, though it’s obviously a hassle. A Google spokesperson tells us, “We’re aware of this issue and are working to release an updated version as soon as possible.”

Keep in mind that the issue doesn’t prevent you from accessing your Google account. You can access it from a trusted computer and, if you’re an iCloud Backup user, you can simply restore the older version of the app. Google has information for dealing with the issue here.