Google Assistant On Wear OS Gains New Functionality Ahead Of Google I/O

Google has announced that it has added new features to Google Assistant on Wear OS that will make it more useful for smartwatch users. One of the new features is smart suggestions that allow users to choose from contextually relevant follow-up questions or responses to continue the conversation they start with Google Assistant. When users ask the assistant about the weather, they are shown the weather and can then tap on a suggestion to see the extended forecast for the weekend.

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Google Assistant can also allow users to hear the answers to their questions. An example is when a user is listening to music on their way to work, they can ask Google Assistant to "tell me about my day." The assistant will tell the user about their day with details like commute times and agenda items with sound coming from the connected Bluetooth headphones or watch speaker.

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In addition, Google is bringing Actions to all "Wear OS by Google" watches. These actions will allow users to do things like preheat their LG oven while unloading groceries. There are several other actions available and Google says that it is always working with developers and partners to add more Actions and functionalities.

Google made the announcement of Google Assistant's new features this week and says that the features will be rolling out over the next several days. Users wanting the new functions should be on the lookout for updates for Wear OS. Wear OS was previously called Android Wear and was rebranded earlier this year. A recent study looked at the performance of various smart AI assistants and found that Google Assistant is the smartest AI with Apple's Siri coming in last.