Google Assistant Learns Custom Device Actions To Command Even More Of The IoT

There's a lot that Google's Assistant can currently do, from quickly figuring out who that actor or actress was in a movie you vaguely remember, checking a stock price, or seeing what's new in the world. Thr Google's Assistant will be able to do a lot more in the future, and according to the big G, the sky's really the limit. At SXSW in Austin, the company will be showing off some of what's possible.

How about having a robot that sorts your sock drawer? Or one that fetches some soda from the fridge and brings it to you - all so you don't have to miss any of the game? Not even Google knows all of what's possible, and it's for that reason that the company is rolling out new "Custom Actions" for Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Tests

If a vendor of washing machines has special modes, it could develop with Google Assistant to allow people to control their IoT device with their voice. A washing machine is a simple example, but really, if a device is connected to the internet, there's very likely going to be some action that could be activated by voice.

Future possibilities are nice, but what about now? Google has some useful Assistant updates en route that you will be able to take advantage of soon. Notifications gets a boost, allowing you to subscribe to your favorites. Google gives Esquire as an example; subscribe for daily "wisdom tips". Or Forbes for its "quote of the day". Or HotHardware to check up on daily tech news!

Google Assistant Interactions

There will also be "better media playback", which will let you access media through the Assistant itself in a more streamlined manner. Another example provided is with The Daily Show, which could show clips or full episodes. Further, there are also some new actions that will allow you to play some trivia or have a laugh.

If you make good use of Google Assistant, there are many things coming worth looking forward to. We're just not sure at this point exactly when those will arrive, but it seems like we won't have to wait too long.