Google Offers Video Overview Of Assistant Ambient Mode For Android

google assistant ambient mode
Back in September at IFA 2019, Google first announced Assistant Ambient Mode. About two weeks ago, the feature began to roll out to devices that are Nokia and Xiaomi branded. Google has now officially detailed all of the features of Assistant Ambient Mode in a video that can be seen below.

Assistant Ambient mode does some cool things for users, including functionality that will turn your smartphone into a digital photo frame. Users can also use Ambient Mode to control music, other smart home devices, and perform various tasks. Assistant Ambient Mode is enabled during charging on select devices with Android 8.0 or higher.

While Nokia and Xiaomi devices got the feature first, it is reportedly rolling out to devices from Sony and OEM Transsion. Wider availability for the feature will come next week. Google says that the ultimate goal for Assistant Ambient Mode is to help users get things done more quickly, anticipate user needs, and help users to accomplish tasks quickly and easily.

Assistant Ambient Mode will let users with one tap set the alarm or look at what time their first meeting is the next day. With smart homes, users can turn off the light and have a slideshow of personal memories show that can be browsed through. The mode has two parts, with the first being a lock screen that shows time in large numerals or a Google Photos slideshow. The bottom of the screen has notification icons.

Tapping one of the times on the screen will show cards for notifications. Quick Actions for Assistant smart home devices include light and thermostat controls as well as Do Not Disturb. When Ambient Mode is ready to be installed, users will see a notification that says, "see your photos and personal updates," tapping that starts the setup process.