Google Announces New Ways For People To Bug You On Your Cell

Pretty soon we're all just going to have to admit we got the message, and do our jobs. Google isn't making plausible deniability any easier;now it's a snap to get Gmail on our portable gizmos:

Gmail for Mobile Devices is a free, downloadable Java application that will work on any Java-enabled mobile phone, of which there are about 300 in the United States, said Tony Hsieh, product manager for Google Mobile. The software improves on a version of Gmail released nearly a year ago that lets people access their e-mail through a mobile Web browser. Once the new Java application is installed on a phone, a person can quickly launch Gmail instead of having to open a mobile browser and wait for it to load before signing in, Hsieh said.

"I lost my phone, boss." is your last resort. Use it wisely.

Gmail for mobiles.

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