Google Announces Fiber Expansion To More KC Neighborhoods

It's unlikely that Google Fiber will ever blanket all of America. After all, the cost for that could easily put Google in a serious bind after spending billions upon billions on infrastructure. But for the Kansas Cities in the middle of America, things are looking great in terms of Internet. Google first started rolling out fiber Internet and TV services to select neighborhoods in Kansas and Missouri earlier this year, starting in Hanover Heights and Dub’s Dread.

Now, Google's announcing five more locales where fiber services will soon be. In 2013, the company plans to finish rolling things out in Dub's Dread, and then moving to Piper Schools, Delaware Ridge, Painted Hills, Open Door and Arrowhead. If that's you, visit the Via link below to see your sign-up deadline. And don't miss out -- there are millions of people who would love to be in your neck of the woods for this very opportunity.