Google and Cisco Amongst Bidders Lined Up To Consider BlackBerry Purchase

My, how the tables have turned. Seven years ago, analysts could've likely predicted that BlackBerry was in a position to consider acquiring a great number of rivals in order to stake its claim in the mobile market for the foreseeable future. Now, it's all the more likely that BlackBerry will be sold off in pieces for paltry sums that'll probably make its founders weep. After announcing a deal recently to be taken private for just over $9 per share, Reuters is reporting that a number of larger tech firms are in the running to bid for what's left of the once-powerful smartphone maker.

As of now, Google, Cisco and enterprise software outfit SAP are all mulling bids for parts or all of BlackBerry. If any of these were to pass muster, BlackBerry would in turn cancel the plan to take itself private by selling to Fairfax Financial Holdings for $4.7 billion. In fact, even Intel and Samsung seem to be longshots here, but those two are named amongst the many who are reportedly considering submitting bids "by early next week."

It's not certain if any of the interested parties will actually submit bids, but if they do, they'll no doubt get a killer deal on a company that would've cost 10x more just a decade ago.