Google Advanced Protection Program Gets Enhanced Malware Detection With New File Scanning Feature

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Google’s Account Protection Program is their strongest level of account security for those who are at higher risk for attack. Now, Google Chrome is expanding protections for the Advanced Protection users by improving download scanning options.

According to Google, Advanced Protection members have been guarded from phishing attempts well enough that attackers are taking to malicious downloads for their attacks. In August 2019, Chrome started to warn people about potentially malicious downloads. With an update to Chrome, Google is giving Advanced Protection users the ability to send in their potentially malicious files to be scanned by the Safe Browsing suite of malware detection.

When first downloading a file, Safe Browsing will do a brief scan using metadata to compare and evaluate whether it is potentially malicious. If they find it is a “risky” but not unsafe download, users can opt to send the file for scanning. If they choose this option, the file will be uploaded to the malware detection suite of software where the users will either be warned or allowed to use the file depending on if it is a safe or not.
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Obviously, this cannot be the only line of defenses when it comes to malicious attacks. As Google themselves state, “Online threats are constantly changing, and it's important that users’ security protections automatically evolve as well.” To be clear, Google is doing a great thing by improving security by sending files to be scanned and developing a database of recognized malware. Their service, while constantly improving, must be complemented by users’ own efforts to secure their devices too. Google will, however, will have an incredible first line of defense though, so you can join the Advanced Protection program here.