Google Labs Gets Similar Images & News Timeline

Google employees have certainly put their “20% time” to good use creating lots of helpful features and additions to various Google products. In keeping with the company’s tradition of rolling out new features early in the development process, Google has added two new offerings to Google Labs: Similar Images and Google News Timeline.

Similar Images

If you’ve ever tried to find an image but weren’t sure how to describe it using words, Google’s new Similar Images feature will come in handy. This feature helps you find images that look like an existing result by clicking a link. This labs feature uses visual similarity to refine the text of your search.

For example, Google points out that if you search for jaguar, you could then use the Similar Images link to narrow your search to cars or animals that match the search term jaguar. One click can then help you find similar images of the cat or of the car.

For more information on the Similar Images feature and examples of what you can do with the feature, check out this video:

Google News Timeline

The Google News Timeline feature will chronologically organize information from Google News or other data sources on a zoom able, graphical timeline. To navigate the timeline, you can drag it; change the time scale to days, weeks, months, years, or decades; or include a specific timeframe in your query. Information from many different sources can be displayed in Google News Timeline, including scanned newspaper and magazine clippings, blog posts, sports scores, media such as YouTube videos, news items, and more.

As an example of one way to use the News Timeline feature, here’s a look at arcade video games that came out in the 1990s:

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