Google Adds Flight Schedules to Search Results

Google today announced a new flight search feature that makes it easy to look up specific flight schedules. If you have the urge to march on down to the the airport on your lunch break and hightail it out of town -- maybe to the Bahamas? -- you can easily see a list of all the flights going where you want to go, as well as other helpful information.

"If you have a particular destination in mind, you can now quickly find out which airlines serve that specific route and when they fly. For example, if you search for [flights from san francisco to minneapolis], you’ll see a selection of non-stop flights and the airlines that offer them. To see a full timetable, click on 'Schedule of non-stop flights,'" Google says.

Google's new search feature also lets you see all the destinations with non-stop flights from a particular airport, which could come in handy if you're looking for spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway.

The service is currently available in 11 languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, and Catalan.