Google Adds Elevation Profiles To Google Maps Bike Routes

Perhaps you’re a truly robust cyclist, thoroughly unafraid of hills of any size, but many of us are not. (Especially those who frequently schlep one or more children in a tow-behind.) Thus, having a sense of the elevation of your chosen bike route is quite a helpful tool.

Google Maps has added just such a feature to its bike routes, and although the team didn’t bother announcing it, TechCrunch sussed out that the new feature exists and confirmed it with Google.

Google Maps biking elevation
Credit: TechCrunch

Employing the elevations profiles is simple. When you map a route and hit the bike icon, it’s right there underneath the directions. The little card shows you a graphical representation of the elevation as well as the actual number of feet the hills require you to climb.

The profiles don’t show up for mobile Google Maps yet, so you’ll need to plan your route before you hit the road for now, but they are available in 14 countries including Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden and the US.

Happy trails, folks.