Google Adds AMBER Alerts To Search And Maps

Google's Public Alerts project is designed to deliver emergency messages such as evacuation notices for hurricanes and more. The project delivers relevant weather, public safety, and earthquake alerts when you search on Google, use Google Maps, and when you activate Google Now on an Android device. Recently, Google added AMBER Alert messages to this platform.

Now, if you use Google Search or Maps on a desktop or mobile device, you'll see an AMBER Alert if you search for related information in a location where a child has been abducted and an AMBER Alert has been issued. With this addition and increased visibility of these alerts, Google is hoping more people will assist in the search of children featured in AMBER Alerts.

The AMBER Alerts will provide information regarding the abducted child as well as other details as they are available including vehicle information or information about the alleged abductor. Google is working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to provide the AMBER Alert data.

Google is hoping to scale this service to additional countries and is currently working with Missing Children Europe and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

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